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We challenge colonial traditions that define contemporary culture and global knowledge production through art, writings and events.

At decolonial thoughts, we believe engaging the mind is the best way for real change to occur. We are an intellectual and cultural hub dedicated to marginalised cultures and people.


We produce creative content such as short films, interviews, and articles that challenge the colonial logic of humanity, space, time and labour. Our goal is to amplify such voices and promote decolonial conversations challenging long-standing patterns of power in an accessible way. 

One may wonder, why decolonial? Well, for us, a major part of reimagining the world is understanding how current systems work and how they came about. A decolonial approach ensures that we are critically analysing and challenging the continued dynamics of systemic oppression globally, which results in the recycling of colonial logic of life, labour, and knowledge.


We are providing a space for more dynamic perspectives through stories, opinions and political coverage. Through this, we hope to inspire people to imagine better and more sustainable worlds. 

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The Team

Ooretoluse Delano


Theo Wellington


Temilade Olaitan

Project manager

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