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  • ​​Alexandar Pierson


I…am a Christian

Descendant of God himself,

I get on my knees every night and recite

10 Our Fathers but 1 Hail Mary

I fight the good fight.

I am a Christian!

Dictator of what is good and evil

So if you do not give in to what I believe

Then you are worthless

You do not deserve to live

I am a Christian

No weapon of death formed against me shall prosper

Because God simply loves me more than he loves thee

Your loss simply means you did not pray enough

So pray and may he hear your plea

I am a Christian

I love my neighbours as I love myself

But shall declare war on the sodomist and the whore

So yes although I “love” you

I simply love me more

I am a Christian

I have never sinned a day in my life

So who better than I to tell you why

The way you live your life

Is simply not divine

I am a Christian

I have followed the scriptures since birth

Having faith that I am Jesus reincarnate

So when I die, my flesh shall ascend to the pearly gate

And sing to angels as they await that…

i am a christian.

i have done all that you asked

i have preached my version of the sermon of God’s lesson


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